John F Marshall
John F Marshall

John F Marshall was established in Botswana in 1990 and has since grown into the leading steel fabrication plant in the country.  In July 1995 it changed ownership and management to that of today. In 1998 it registered the name Supa Signs and set up the digital printing facet of the business under this Trading name. Through the years the company has grown and moved into new premises as of April 2010. These new premises designed for the purposes of streamlining the effectiveness of the company, have brought a new found efficiency to its operations.

The loyalty and employee retention is shown through the fact that its average service length is over 11 years, with many of the employees having been in the company since its establishment in 1990. The strength of the organisational culture is one of its many reasons why this versatile company is still striding forward towards market dominance in all aspects of production, customer satisfaction and employee commitment

This unique business combines the best of its human resources and capital investments to provide the customer with quick, inexpensive and quality products that range from steel furniture to lockers and shelving. Along with this offering they have recently set up one of Botswana's first powder coating plants that do both in house and out house coating that is far superior to any finish a spray paint can offer.

Supa Signs, a division of the John F. Marshall holding company, is the leading digital printing and signage company in Botswana, with the largest array of digital printers and years of experience in meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Their range of products include road signs, promotional gifts, cloth printing and any other digital printing needs.
Six months ago, John F. Marshall and Supa Signs were awarded their Botswana Bureau of Standards (BOBS) certification for their quality management system and thus became only the second steel fabrication company and the first and only Signage company to be certified by this esteemed quality assurance body.

Now they have brought the first ever CNC Sheet metal Laser cutting machine into Botswana, which will enable their manufacturing process to be in line with standards held worldwide and help place Botswana on the map for its manufacturing prowess. This machine has the ability to cut steel, aluminium and stainless steel up to 20 mm thick with an unbelievable accuracy using its focussed laser technology.  This machine is complimented by a CNC press break which bends material up to 5mm thick to an exact degree and specification, making its quality unbeatable.

The Mission of this company is to strive for excellence in order to identify every opportunity to satisfy customer needs and expectations by utilizing systems of quality control that meets the standards of the ISO 9001:2008. With an ever diversifying product range and excellent employee commitment, the company deals with the threats of an ever increasing competitor base and turbulent economic conditions. Aiming towards the highest possible profitability, the company has, and continues to develop a strong and interactive relationship with its stakeholders, especially their suppliers, community and competitors.

The main Values of Integrity through reliability, honesty and conscientiousness, are instilled throughout the organisation. The management has taken the view that it is a top-down approach that best implements these values, and thus makes a concerted daily effort to “walk the talk” and act the way they expect all subordinates to act. Finally their view that employee congruence is of upmost importance in the goal setting process and consequent goal achievement activities and aims this company towards its desired vision.


John F Marshall